Plywood with rubber insert

Our sales offer contains hard plywood with cross construction layers of birch or alder veneer and bubber inside. Insert, made of the rubber with thicknes 2,5 or 3,5 mm is exactly in the center layer of the sheet. Plywood with rubber insert has dumping and suppressing proprieties.

Possibilities of post processing:

  • cutting to smaller sizes on panel saws
  • finishing of edges - straight and profiled, drilling, routing - in CNC centres

Main areas of applications:

  • floors in railway and motor industry. Plywood has the characteristics of finishing off and vibration damping.

Offered in sales in following types of gluing:

  • exterior with white glue line: on the basis of melamine-urea-phenol-formaldehyde glue, for use in humid conditions (acc. to EN 636, technical class EN 636-2)
  • exterior: on the basis of phenol-formaldehyde glue, for use in exterior conditions (acc. to EN 636, technical class EN 636-3)


1220 x 2440 mm
1250 x 2500 mm
1500 x 2500 mm
PN-EN 315
PN-EN 315
640 - 760
kg / m3
PN-EN 323
Quality class
right site II
left site II, III
right site BB
left site BB, X
PN-EN 635-3

Other sizes and thickness available on request.